How to apply for Medicare at 65

Updated: Oct 13

How to apply for Medicare at 65

How to apply for Medicare at 65 is a common question with people aging into Medicare. You have had group coverage for years and want to know how your coverage will change. Many questions may come up while looking into Medicare enrollment.

  • Enrolling on

  • Local social security offices

  • enroll over the phone

  • helping a loved one enroll

  • Help from a Medicare broker

Those that have been receiving social security payments at least 4 months before they turn 65 will get Medicare A and B automatically.

If the applicant has not been receiving Social Security payments 4 months before they turn 65, they will need to sign up for A and B. They will not get it automatically.

How to apply for Medicare: By phone

If you are still within your initial enrollment period, you can call 1-800-772-1213. If you have passed your initial enrollment period, you will need you will need to enroll in person at a local social security office.

How to apply for Medicare: Online

You or a loved one can help you enroll online when you are in your initial enrollment period. You can use Medicare's official website to get your application started and submitted.

How to apply for Medicare: for a loved one

Generally, if you call and are with the Medicare eligible individual and they give their social and permission to discuss with you, you will be able to help them in this process.

How to apply for Medicare: Help from a broker

It is really never to early or late to get advice for free from a Medicare broker. I speak to many before they are even enrolled in Traditional Medicare (Parts A&B) when enrolled or after enrolling. Some prefer to wait and see how Medicare works before speaking with a broker to get information about Medigap/Supplement plans or Medicare Advantage. You cannot be enrolled in a Supplement or Advantage plan without being enrolled in both parts A and B. After enrolling in Medicare, you can go over best options to increase benefits and optimize your health care to suit your individual needs.

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