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Independent Life Insurance agent VA

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

When working with an independent life insurance agent in VA you have many options. here are some things to keep in mind

  • Am I working with a captive or independent agent?

  • Am I working with a broker who has enough carrier options?

  • Are all my options being explained?

  • Are my wants and needs being considered?

Independent life insurance agent VA: Unbiased advice

When working with and independent life insurance agent in VA, there are some things that you should expect. As an independent agent we have contracts and appointments with multiple carriers. How does this help you? This helps to partner up clients with the best options for a client's specific needs, age and health criteria. When dealing with an independent agent after getting to know your needs for insurance we can quote with many companies at once, finding you the best rates and products for you. Unbiased advice is an expectation in this situation because we are not limited to offering only one company as a captive or direct agent.

Independent life insurance agent VA: explaining your options

It is important to get to know potential clients. What is most important to them and help them to remedy the problems they face. An informative, educational process that is focused on first listening: Rather than a sales type experience, when the agent truly wants to help rather than pushing a solution. I take the time to explain your options thoroughly and do it with compassion and care when discussing your needs and the problems you face.

Independent Life insurance agent: Getting you approved

As you may be aware there are hundreds of insurance companies out there. Many US companies can write policies across our country. They all have their own underwriting guidelines and procedures. What does this mean to you? You may have been denied in the past because you had conditions or medications that were not excepted by that carrier. As an independent broker I have the tools to find a company that will take you with your conditions at the best rate possible. You may have heard the terms CHF, HIV, TIA, Hypertension, Diabetes. Some of these conditions can make it impossible to get coverage with many carriers or at minimum they will require you to pay more. While I cannot promise that someone with certain conditions would pay the same as someone who has zero health issues, I can assure you coverage and the best products and rates available.

Mission Statement

Senior Health and Life: How I do things

I always offer the best price available first. Many will offer rates based on carriers that will pay them or their company better. I recommend the best product at the best price for my clients and give up a percentage of my commission to do so. On top of getting the best rates we also pay referrals to clients that are happy with services provided and share with friends and family.

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