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Individual dental insurance plans CT

Individual dental insurance plans CT

When looking into Individual dental insurance plans CT here are some key points to think about

  • No enrollment periods. Can add or drop whenever you want

  • Will I have a waiting period?

  • Where can I go to get dental work done?

  • what will be covered?

  • Can I get a standalone dental plan on its own or to supplement another plan?

Individual dental insurance plans: Types

Most dental plans rely on a network (HMO) of providers to deliver dental care. PPO's may allow you to go outside of network, but cost is lower in network. There are indemnity plans that allow you to go anywhere you choose and get reimbursements to cover costs. As a general rule it is best to stay within networks to save costs on services.

Individual dental insurance plans: waiting periods

In most cases there are waiting periods for some services when enrolling in a dental plan. Some carriers will waive the waiting period if you have coverage when enrolling. If you have dental coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan CMS does not allow waiting periods

Who can enroll?

Most dental plans are available to clients both under and over 65

What will be covered:

What will be covered can be complicated at times. You should always look at your summary of benefits to read through what is excluded. I often find that people without the assistance of a broker will just pick a plan that has the highest dollar value of coverage. Selecting a Medicare Advantage plan because it has $2500 max coverage alone is not enough. For instance, if you know you need bridge work, or implant replacement most don't cover it. Dual plans typically cover more services. If you would like to speak about dental coverage and the care you know you will need in the near future, schedule time to talk. We can put together a plan to cover your individual needs.

Carriers available

In addition to dental that can come with a Medicare advantage plans we offer, standalone products. Carriers include Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Connecticare (must be with their Advantage plan), Delta, Guardian, Humana, National Care, UHC and United Concordia (group only). Individual dental is a good option for both Medicare clients and under 65

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