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A Free Webinar on Medicare basics and commonly misunderstood Medicare features all enrollees should know


  I am an independent licensed insurance broker focused on helping seniors understand and apply for the benefits that best meet their needs.  It is an honor getting to know my clients and their specific concerns.  I am able to help by doing detailed needs analysis with each prospective client I meet.  The world of Medicare can be very confusing with all of the options. Many are good even great, but I often find that after getting to know someone, one or two will stand out as the best for that individual.  I will be hosting weekly webinars so that people turning 65 or those already enrolled can have their questions answered.  After going over topics there will be a chance to have questions answered. There will be no discussion of specific plan information during webinar. Anyone who would like more information will be welcomed to fill out the appropriate forms to remain compliant with CMS. You will not be obligated to sign up for anything by attending. You will not be obligated to work with me or anyone else.  I love talking Medicare and am happy to provide this free service. Look forward to hearing from you.

                                                Anton Gonch

In this webinar we will cover


I work with those who need and want help. Knowing all of your options is very important and knowing who is helping you and how they operate is just as important. This will be a brief introduction to let you know about myself and Senior Health and Life.

Medicare 101

The basics and general discussion of Medicare. Medigap/Supplements, Advantage. What original Medicare covers and what it doesn't. Late enrollment penalties and other common questions or misconceptions 

Additional Services

I take the time to help my clients find any help that may be available to them. This may at times have nothing to do with insurance.  Local communities and State level programs are there to help those who are eligible. This will be an overview of some of the ways people can be helped 

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